Polett Schwartzmann

UI/UX Design, Development and Website Adaptation

Polett-Schwartzmann is an online ready-to-wear e-commerce web-store. For this project, my efforts consisted in the creation and development of the website, from start to finish. 

The website was created using HTML/CSS & JavaScript, using the Bootstrap framework. Once the pages were created, I adapted the website onto a WordPress theme. The reason behind the use of Bootstrap and Wordpress for this project was to ensure a cost-efficient website creation, as per the client's budget. However, the website structure and customization of styles were done by myself.  

The client requested a cost-friendly alternative to a number of otherwise costly plugins, such as the option to add or remove a social media platform directly on the WordPress administration page and to include an option to automatically zoom into a product image when hovering. I created both of these plugins using PHP. 

The client also requested a personalized plugin to add or remove a product image from the landing page. I created this plugin using PHP. 

The website is available as a responsive mobile site, which was designed and adapted by myself. 


E-commerce Page